Call for Abstracts

1. Presentation Style

Poster-style presentation.

2. Guidelines

Abstracts should be written in English.
Fill below information in one page of A4 size paper by Microsoft Word.

  • Title
  • Author name & Co-author’s name(s)
  • Authors’ affiliation(s)
  • Abstract body
  • Keywords (max 5 words)

3. Submission

Please submit the word file to by April 28th Friday, 2017.

【Information for Poster Presenters】

  • Poster session will take place during PM 5:50-7:00 on June 23 (Fri), and the posters can be displayed from 8:30AM on June 23 to 1:30PM on June 24.
    The poster panel size is 90cm wide and 180cm high.
  • Poster title, including author's name and affiliation must be 70cm wide × 20cm high placed upper part of the panel.
  • If you have any question, please contact the secretariat by E-mail,
    You can check the latest program in our web site.